WATCH: Chaos in California Mall after Man Shoots Himself, Thousands Forced to Shelter in Place

A shooting at the Great Mall in Milpitas, California led to chaos with thousands emotionally distressed and sheltering in place.

A 22-year-old San Francisco man suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound was transported to the hospital.

Angelo Balma, who was at the mall with friends said “People were running forward. People were running back, and people were falling.”

One woman told KPIX5 “They just said active shooter and we just ran, and I just ran into the store because the Levi’s guy said just run in the back.”

Tiffany Shuler, who was shopping at the GAP said “the people who work at the store told everybody to run to the back of the store, so everyone was panicking, didn’t know what was going on.”