WATCH: Carville Says Biden “‘Aint Black” Flub “is not going to mean diddly squat”

Appearing on MSNBC, former Clinton advisor James Carville admitted Biden’t “then you ‘aint black” gaffe was “a dumb thing to say” but predicted in the long term “This is not going to mean diddly squat.”

James Carville:

Look, it was kind of a dumb thing to say and he said I’m sorry. I said it. This is him. The effects of this are through the weekend, all right? This is not going to mean diddly squat in the long-term. And Gene is right.

You’ve got one guy telling people to take Clorox and a drug that is ill-advised against. It is not an equivalency, but the Democrats we love to go, “Oh God, oh God, Biden is terrible. He messed up. What are we going to do?’”

So, he said something he shouldn’t have said. It happens all the time in politics. I mean, it’s hardly anything mean about it. It just kind of came out the wrong way. And I hope he doesn’t get so nervous that he doesn’t stay himself at some level.

I hope he doesn’t get too shaken by this. He apologized for it right away, which is the correct thing to do. But there’s no equivalency here. And you know, all this Democratic hand-wringing it is just silly. I mean, this is not going to amount to anything.