WATCH: Cardi B. Blames Young People Not Voting for Bernie Losing to Biden in Angry Rant

In an angry expletive filled rant, rapper Cardi B. blamed young people not voting for Bernie Sanders losing to Joe Biden and dropping out.

Cardi B. was a Sanders supporter.


Cardi B:

As you guys know, Bernie dropped out of the race. He dropped out of the race. And you know he dropped out of the race? I’m guessing he dropped out because, I’m seeing, he probably saw that he didn’t have a good chance at winning.

The s**t that gets me mad about it is that it’s like, I see a lot of young people … on the Internet always lying. You mother f**kers, you young mother f**krs, I’m getting sick of y’all. I’m about to start hanging out with my grandma’s friends because they vote!

Y’all be like ‘we love Bernie.’ I’ve been seeing all over Twitter like, y’all love Bernie, y’all love Bernie, but you all wasn’t voting, y’all wasn’t voting! What the f**k was up with that?

I don’t really know much about Biden but I’m going to have to get … I’m going to have to start researching him, and researching him, and learning more about this man because … whoever the f**k. I do not want 45 to be president again.

This s**t is very f**king serious and y’all not taking it mother f**king serious. Right now, the state that America is in, we got no time to play around. You really got to think about yourself. We’re about to go into another recession.