WATCH: Candace says she doesn’t believe Meghan Markle, calls her “a typical leftist narcissist”

Appearing with Sean Hannity, conservative icon Candace Owens suggested she does not believe Meghan Markle’s claim of “anti-black racism.”

Owens says sarcastically to host Sean Hannity that if  you believe her claims about her son facing “anti-black racism…then I’m a Nigerian prince and give me your credit card.”

Owens later says of Markle “she’s now telling everybody that she was suicidal because of bad press, that’s because of racism, even though she’s not even…you look at her you would not be able to discern just by looking at Meghan Markle that she’s black…and so what they’re basically saying is that you’re not allowed to critique Meghan Markle…and for her to put in this phone call to have (Piers Morgan’s) voice silenced because she’s unhappy with the press that’s being said about her…which, by the way, is being felt across the globe, she’s a typical leftist narcissist.”