WATCH: Candace Owens accuses schools of teaching kids to “see color” to “turn them into activists and angry people”

Appearing on Fox News, Candace Owens accused schools of teaching to “see color” and that White people are supposed to feel “guilty” about having white skin.

Owens claims the goal is to create division and turn kids young “into activists and angry people”

“We know the stories that are coming out of schools and I have a girl that I used to babysit for who is in high school and the things they’re teaching them on the day of school I’m being serious a day of school they are meant to go around the classroom and if you have white skin you’re supposed to tell them why you feel guilty about having white skin,” Owens said.

“This is New York City by the way, why you feel guilty this skin is white and I can’t comprehend that, that is incomprehensible to me because when I was growing up we never talked about color because we didn’t see it but they’re trying to systematically program children to see color because they want them to eventually become activists and they want them to hate one another. They see the opportunity and division if you can teach them to be divided young you can turn them into activists and angry people that become anti-for marchers when they are older,” she continued.