WATCH: Californians SAY YES to Patriotic Police Cars, Sing National Anthem

Citizens of Laguna Beach met to vote on patriotic decals on police cars, that were “offending” some.

Watch the video:

Not only did they vote to keep the decals, but after the vote, the group broke out into the National Anthem to create an incredible viral moment.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that a Laguna Beach, California City council meeting turned into a patriotic rally last night when the discussion of whether to keep the American flag-themed logo on the police cars was up for a vote.

It’s hard to imagine, but there was controversy over the new logo for the new police cars, so the city council decided to vote on the removal of the logos. The logo was called “aggressive” by some who said it might frighten “immigrants” (see below).

Well, last night the meeting was packed with patriots who spoke out in favor of the logo. One key moment was when a woman used her turn to speak to sing the national anthem.

Watch the video: