WATCH: California skateboarders reclaim skate park local officials had filled with sand

WashingtonExaminer reports California skateboarders reclaimed a skate park that local officials had filled with sand to enforce the state’s stay-at-home order.

A famed skate park in Venice Beach, California, was filled with sand in April as part of a plan to keep people off the beach, but skaters showed up on Monday with buckets and cleared out the sand, according to TMZ.

Videos of residents removing the sand and reclaiming the park popped up on social media. “Taking the Venice Skatepark back today,” an Instagram post from Shacked Magazine read. “The city let this skate park get destroyed, graffiti, garbage, broken glass everywhere……. Skaters want their park back. More clips in our Instagram Story.”

“Can confirm Venice Skate Park is open again. #winning,” local Republican Ron Bassilian said.

Per TMZ, the scene was all captured on video by multiple witnesses … showing dozens of people banding together to fish all the sand out of the popular skate park.

One person who was on the scene said of it all, “All the kids need to have this, because if they don’t get it, it’s going to be a sad day. You don’t want that.”

By mid-afternoon on Memorial Day, the park had been completely cleared of the sand … and boarders performed tricks in the bowls well into the evening.

It’s unclear if California officials will let the place remain open … but video Monday captured several police officers who didn’t stop the action as they passed by throughout the day.