WATCH: California Lawmaker Says “F Donald Trump” to Angry Protesters

California lawmaker Lorena Gonzalez taunted protesters against AB5, a new labor law that critics say will negatively affect the growing “gig economy.”

Gonzalez resorted to obscenities and yelled “F Donald Trump” according to reports.

Per the San Diego Tribune, more than 200 people jammed the back patio of a Barrio Logan brewery Saturday night to whoop and holler their support for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren and state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who is seeking re-election.

For others in the crowd, the main attraction was Julián Castro, a former Obama cabinet member who ran a year-long presidential bid but now campaigns for Warren.

“Julián is the draw,” said Michelle Mosqueda, adding that she also supports Warren. “He stumping for her — my two favorites.”

Melissa Agudelo of City Heights said she came to hear what reasons Castro might give for Latinos to support Warren.

Castro offered a reason: “We need somebody in November who can beat Donald Trump and I’m convinced she’s the one who can do it,” the former housing secretary said to loud cheers and whistles.

He praised Warren for her concern for the homeless and for immigrant children separated from parents at border crossings, as well as her promise of “Medicare for all” to replace private insurance plans. Warren was running in fourth place Saturday night in the Nevada presidential caucus, well behind top finisher Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Gonzalez and Castro shared a small platform in the patio of Border X Brewery, which coincidentally was drawing dozens of patrons helping to celebrate the bar’s fifth anniversary.

Gonzalez supporters turned out, but so did around a dozen protesters who chanted, “Repeal AB 5,” referring to her legislation requiring employers to put their independent contractors on the payroll. Critics say the law has hurt job opportunities for freelance writers, truckers and others who prefer their independence.

According to Breitbart, someone in the room yelled “F*** Donald Trump.” Gonzalez repeated the phrase, “F*** Donald Trump” back into her microphone.