WATCH: California Church Draws Attention with “BLM” themed Nativity Scene

A California church is drawing a lot of attention for creating a holiday nativity scene that blends the bible with the BLM movement.

The scene includes baby Jesus in front of a wall of protesters carrying signs with messages like “I can’t breathe,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Jesus Wept,” and “Without justice there can be no peace.”

Pam Bunce who chaired the committee responsible for the scene told Yahoo “Each year we look at social justice issues, and select the theme for that year. Our church property is just a frontage road away from [a busy boulevard], so is highly visible to the community.”

She added “we believe that, as beautiful as the Christmas story is, it’s only the beginning. We believe that Jesus came to Earth to minister to the marginalized and the oppressed. It’s not a sentimental story. It’s a bold story of commitment and service. Too often that part of the story is left out.”