WATCH: CA Restaurant Owner rips Newsom over reports state likely gave away billions in fraudulent benefits

Appearing on Fox News, Chef Andrew Gruel, owner of Slapfish Restaurant blasted Governor Gavin Newsom over “ineptitude” and “gross mismanagement” upon reports that billions were likely paid in fraudulent coronavirus benefits.

Fox News reported “Bank of America said California likely paid at least $2 billion in fraudulent benefits since March, having reached “unprecedented levels” compared to other states.”

Gruel sounded off, saying “this is what we’ve always been taught. Never trust the government with your money and this is exactly why. They’re going to lose it all.”

He added “the ineptitude and the gross mismanagement of the funds, of the entire response to the coronavirus crisis over the past 10 months, have really been unbelievable.”

A petition to recall Newsom has over 800k signatures.


Petition to recall Newsom soars to over 800k signatures