WATCH: Buttigieg Claims Trump’s Conduct is Not Compatible With Scripture

During a CNN town hall in Nevada, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is asked if he’d accept money from Michael Bloomberg, discussed his views on Christianity and responded to President Trump’s support of conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s comments on Buttigieg’s sexuality.

Per Fox News, Buttigieg was asked how he would promote the idea that one could be both a “Democrat” and a “Christian” to combat a narrative that conservatives “own” Christianity.

“It starts with sending the message that God does not belong to a political party,” Buttigieg said, drawing applause. “And by the way, it’s also very important to make clear that the presidency and the Constitution and my presidency will belong to people of every religion and of no religion equally. This is not about imposing my faith on anybody.”

Minutes later, CNN anchor Erin Burnett recalled a remark Buttigieg made during a previous televised town hall, where he said, “Faith calls upon you to help the marginalized, those who are afflicted, to comfort people, to strive for humility and decency as the Christian faith does. … I just can’t imagine that requires of you that you be anywhere near this president.”

“Do you think that it’s impossible to be a Christian and support Trump?” Burnett asked.

“I’m not going to tell other Christians how to be Christian,” Buttigieg responded, “but I will say I cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything I find in Scripture.”