WATCH: Buttigieg Accused of Plagiarizing Obama in New Side by Side Video

In a new video President by Trish Regan of Fox news, Pete Buttigieg is accused of plagiarizing Obama as various clips are shown side by side.

In many cases the phrases the former Indiana Mayor are identical to Obama’s and in others, they are slightly changed, but the structure is stunningly similar.

Obama: I recognize that there is a certain presumptuousness in this, a certain audacity in this announcement. 

Buttigieg: I recognize the audacity of doing this as a midwestern millennial mayor.

Obama: And church basements, and in our schools.

Buttigieg: Reaching into church basements, and barbershops and universities.

Obama: A light, shining, as a beacon to the world. 

Buttigieg: The County we love shines as a beacon around the word.


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