WATCH: Brennan accuses GOP of “moral bankruptcy” says their “whole party platform these days is based on dishonesty”

Appearing with Joy Reid on MSNBC, former Obama era CIA Director John Brennan claimed the GOP’s “whole party platform these days is based on dishonesty.”

Brennan lamented “over the last several years, I think we’ve all exhausted all the words and phrases in the English language to describe the moral bankruptcy of the leading members of the Republican party, including of course Donald Trump.”

“Their whole party platform these days is based on dishonesty. They continue to try to exploit those fears and those concerns of a lot of American citizens,” he continued,” and they are hoping with their dishonest ways, they’re going to be able to sway them with this Big Lie.”

“They don’t care about integrity anymore,” Brennan claimed.

“I must say that we’re no longer the world’s role model for democracy,” he added. “Given the authoritarian tendencies of the Republican party, it is quite clear that the Republicans I think are trying to resort to any tactic possible and I am concerned that what we saw on January 6th could that be replicated in the future?”



Late August, discussing Afghanistan Brennan said “We have no alternative but to work with the Taliban.”