WATCH: Border Patrol union chief slams liberal media over “kids in cages” under Biden, asks “where is the outrage right now?”

Appearing on Fox News, National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd slammed the “liberal media” for their muted response to “kids in cages” under the Biden administration compared to their outrage of migrant detention centers during the Trump era.

“You’ll see a facility that is actually a lot different than what we’re currently holding the unaccompanied minors in,” Judd said “You’ll see a facility built to accommodate [them] for a longer period of time. Where we’re currently holding the minors, it’s not the position that we need to be in. It’s not the position the minors need to be in.”

“And, frankly, Neil, it’s kids in cages once again,” Judd continued “When you talk about the structure where these individuals are being held, again, I’m wondering where the liberal media is and where is the outrage right now about holding the children in the same facilities that the last administration and even going back to the Obama Administration was holding them in.”


In September of last year, Kamala Harris said “a Biden-Harris administration will… end family separation and this Trump practice of separating families at the border and putting babies in cages.”