WATCH: Bongino sounds off on Twitter banning Trump and Apple, Google banning Parler

Appearing with Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino sounded off on Twitter banning President Trump and the Apple App Store and Google Play store banning social media company Parler, where Bongino holds a stake.

“At least with the government, you have a process,” Bongino said “If you’re arrested by the government, if you’re fined by the government, there is a process. Law and order, that’s the order component. You can get a lawyer and you can fight back. That’s not what you have.”

“We have been threatened by Apple with 24 hours notice with nearly no legitimate recourse whatsoever — Parler — that we’re going to be taken down from their site by a monopoly company that monopolistically controls its App store,” Bongino shared. “Even worse, Twitter bans the president of the United States while China is still posting about sterilizing Uyghurs and the Iranians are running their Death to America account?” Bongino asked.

“And to the liberals laughing about this… because there are many, go to any social media platform and you will see it. To the liberals who think this is funny, remember famous last words in unprincipled revolutions not bedrocked in real principles, and there are no principles here other than political ones — they’re coming for you next. Famous last words in the French Revolution were: No, no, I was on your side! There is no side,” he added.

Dan then warned “This is a political attack. This isn’t a principled one and they’re coming for you next.”