WATCH: Boebert, Greene announce resolution to censure Biden over his handling of the border

Wednesday, Rep. Lauren Boebert announced she is leading a resolution to censure President Biden over his handling of the border.

Boebert tweeted “Joe Biden has not enforced border security laws and has ignored the crisis at our southern border. That’s why today, I led my colleagues in a resolution to censure Joe Biden.”

“He’s failed the American people. He must be held accountable,” she added.


Later sharing a video of the press event, Boebert tweeted “Biden hasn’t visited the border. His border czar is a disgrace. And his Secretary of Homeland Security lied, claiming the border is closed.”

“Biden’s failure to live up to his oath must be punished, which is why I led 23 of my colleagues introducing a bill censuring Biden,” she added.


Flanked by Boebert and Rep. Gohmert, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at the announcement event.

Greene tweeted “Joe Biden has failed our country by refusing to secure the border. In fact, I believe his administration has intentionally allowed for this chaos to occur.”

“I’m proud to join my colleague @RepBoebert and many others in supporting this resolution to censure Joe Biden,” she added.