WATCH: Bloomberg Vows “I’m going to stay right to the bitter end”

Thursday, the Morning Joe panel on MSNBC argued Bloomberg staying in the race is hurting Joe Biden’s chances.

Joe Scarborough even went as far as suggesting Bloomberg should bow out if Biden has a strong win this Saturday in South Carolina.

However, speaking with Kasie Hunt, Bloomberg vowed to stay in the race unless Bernie Sanders was to achieve a majority of delegates.

TheHill reports Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that he would remain in the Democratic primary race until the “bitter end,” even if mathematically eliminated from winning on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention.

In an interview with NBC News, the former mayor said that as long as he viewed himself as having a chance of taking the nomination, he would not concede his candidacy.

“Why would I spend all of this money, all of this time out of my life, and wear and tear, you know, which I love…incidentally, [it] reminds me of my three campaigns in New York for mayor, which I did like, the difference here is that I have to fly from event to event,” Bloomberg said.

“But yeah sure, I love it, I am going to stay right to the bitter end, as long as I have a chance,” he continued.