WATCH: Bloomberg Rolls Out Ad Boasting Endorsement of “Judge Judy”

2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg has rolled out an ad featuring possibly his most high profile endorsement to date, TV personality Judge Judy.


Per ABCNews, TV court personality Judge Judith Sheindlin, popularly known as “Judge Judy,” recently endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time: Michael Bloomberg. She defended the former New York City mayor during an appearance on “The View” Monday.

“When I looked at the field of 2020 candidates, for one reason or another, although I’m sure they’re all very nice people, there was no other voice for me other than a voice of someone who has experience in governance,” Sheindlin said of Bloomberg. “New York City has the most diverse population of any place else in the United States of America.”

“Things were run effectively and efficiently during his 12 years as mayor,” she added. “He’s a brilliant, self-made guy who runs and manages thousands of people, and has for 30 years.”


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