WATCH: Bloomberg Accused of Pandering as He Declares “Big Gay Ice Cream is the Best” in New Video

2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg is being accused of pandering after posting an extremely bizarre video where he proudly endorses “Big Gay Ice Cream.”

Tim Young responded by writing “This is the most cringeworthy pandering so far in 2020.”

Another twitter user commented “Look at how he scoops the ice cream.”

Per MRC, it would appear that Bloomberg is attempting to pander to multiple audiences. Earlier this month, he spent $10 million on a 60-second ad spot for the Super Bowl Feb. 2, to target President Donald Trump. He also recently shifted his massive $225 million-plus ad campaign to push for Trump’s impeachment.

Big Gay Ice Cream’s “about us” page notes the following:

“By mixing high quality ingredients with guilty pleasures, traditional flavors with the unexpected, & a youngster’s imagination with an adult’s knowing wink & satirical tongue, we spin a new take on the old school ice cream parlor experience” [emphasis added].