WATCH: Sen. Blackburn Calls for Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar to Recuse Themselves

Senator Marsha Blackburn (D-TN) is calling upon Senators who are still running for President – Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Senator Michael Bennett to recuse themselves from the Senate impeachment hearing.

Her reason is certainly thought provoking.

Blackburn believes that since the Senators are spending millions of dollars to defeat President Trump it’s impossible for them to be impartial during the trial.

Blackburn elaborated on Fox and Friends.


Many supporters of President Trump replied to Marsha Blackburn and agree.

Vickie Waterson replied: Yes they should. How many times have they proclaimed Trump should be impeached? They are biased and have a vested interest in the outcome. As such they are not fit to sit in judgment.

Kayla replied: Even ex- presidential candidates like @CoryBooker and @KamalaHarris should recuse too. They both have sworn to take down Pres Trump.

Melissa Matthews wrote “Their minds were made up the second Trump won! They think it’s ok to change 63 million votes. We’ll see how those 63 million feel about it. I volunteered for my local Republican party. I’m registering voters every day. None registered Democrat thus far!”

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