WATCH: Black woman issues brutal response to Alyssa Milano “you are everything you preach against”

A black woman who issued a stern response to actress and activist Alyssa Milano has seen her video go viral with over 400k views. The video starts with Milano saying “for those of us who are not black men, imagine watching the news and seeing people.”

The black woman then cuts in blasting Milano. “Imagine being a black man and being told by some white lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one in the same because you look alike,” she says. “Lady,” the woman says to Milano,  “I don’t wanna hate you. I’m a 90s kid. I grew up with you. So I know you’re very talented. I understand your heart is in the right place. But you are everything you preach against.”

“You’re not helping. You’re making things worse,” she continues. “You’re causing more division. You’re causing more fear.”