WATCH: Bill Maher Admits Trump Had His “Best Week Ever” While Dems Flounder

Appearing on CNN, Bill Maher admitted that Trump had his “best week ever” as someone who is against Trump he is terrified the election could be over before it begins if Democrats don’t get their act together.

Yahoo reports Bill Maher appeared on CNN Sunday where he spoke about how last week was great for President Trump, not so great for Democrats. The week began with an absolute debacle at the Democratic caucus in Iowa, causing the results not to be known for days. On Tuesday Trump delivered the State of the Union address during which he actually stuck to the script, and on Wednesday he was acquitted of both impeachment charges on a near party-line vote.

“I thought it was his best week ever,” Maher said of Trump, “and the most depressing week for me as someone who’s not a fan of Donald Trump and what he’s doing to this country.”

And as good as Trump’s week was, it was equally bad for Democrats in Maher’s mind.

“The other depressing thing about this week was, ya know, at his (Trump’s) best moment, the Democrats are…they just look like the gang who can’t shoot straight or can’t run straight,” Maher said. “And if they can’t get their act together soon, it’s gonna be over before it begins.”

Maher believes the State of the Union was a win for Trump, though Maher’s praise was for the spectacle, not the content of the speech.

“If you didn’t know the facts and you watched that State of the Union, it was very effective,” Maher said. “And the showmanship, ya know, they pulled out every stop. But the medals and the Marine being reunited, I mean, that’s what he does, and it’s gonna be hard to beat.”

And Maher compared Democrats to the good guy in a superhero movie, only in Maher’s analogy, this is a superhero movie in which the good guy could lose.

“If this is a superhero movie…this is the moment when Superman is on the ground. You know, the kryptonite has weakened him. And I don’t know how we get to the end of the movie. I know how in a superhero movie it happens ‘cause they always win, but this is life.” Maher said. “ I don’t know how we get from here, this week, to that place November 3rd where he’s defeated and leaves, which, of course, I don’t think he’s gonna do.”