WATCH: Biden’s Accuser Believes He Should Drop Out of the Race

The woman who is accusing Joe Biden of sexual harassment spoke out about the ordeal for the first time on CNN.

During this interview she revealed she believes Biden should drop out of the race.

UPDATE – A Second Biden Accusers is speaking out! You can read more here.

American Mirror reported that Lucy Flores, the latest woman to bring allegations of inappropriate behavior by former Vice President Joe Biden, believes his repeated boundary crossing disqualifies him from running for president.

On Friday, the former Nevada legislator wrote an essay detailing a 2014 incident in which Biden placed his hands on her, smelled her hair and kissed her head.

During an appearance on CNN today, Flores was asked if Biden’s behavior should make him ineligible to run for president.

“For me, it’s disqualifying. I think it’s up to everybody else to make that decision,” Flores told Jake Tapper, “considering, again, the entire scope of his background, of the positions that he’s taken.”

Flores criticized Biden’s handling of the Anita Hill allegations during the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas when Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She said the hearing “was completely inappropriate and lacked empathy, and frankly, lacked accountability.”

“I find a lot of his background problematic,” Flores said.

She added “party loyalists” are expected to remain quiet with their allegations, but she believes there are so many other candidates, she said she felt “a little less pressure in terms of feeling like I could speak out.”

Watch the video:

A new petition is demanding that Biden step down.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

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