WATCH: Biden Throws Shade at Trump Holding Bible “I Just Wish He Opened It Once in a While”

Joe Biden condemned President Donald Trump holding a bible and the use of smoke canisters against protesters outside the White House during a recent appearance in Philadelphia.

“The president held up the Bible at St. John’s Church yesterday,” Biden said “I just wish he opened it once in a while, instead of brandishing it.”

Per TheSun, speaking in Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, Biden addressed the nation on the civil unrest facing communities across the country.

“The United States must be part of the solution, not the problem. But this president today is part of the problem and accelerates it,” Biden said.

He continued: “When he treated the words ‘when the looting starts the shooting starts,’ they weren’t the words of a president. They were the words of a racist Miami police chief in the 1960s.

“When he tweeted that protesters ‘would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs,’ they weren’t the words of a president. They were the kind of words Bull Connor who would’ve used unleashing his dogs on innocent women and children.”

In another jab at the president, Biden — who was slammed last month for saying black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black” — denounced Trump’s Monday visit to “one of the most historic churches in the country” and wished Trump opened the Bible “once in a while.”

“When peaceful protestors dispersed in order for a president… the White House, using tear gas and flash grenades in order to stage a photo op… we can be forgiven for believing the President is more interested in power than in principle, more interested in serving the passions of his base the needs of the people in his care,” he said.