WATCH: Biden Says Trump Should Have Stopped Air Travel from China Sooner

Appearing on “This Week” Joe Biden claimed President Trump should have stopped air travel from China earlier.

Joe Biden:

I would tell him what we went through a similar crisis, you have to move swiftly. We have to move more rapidly. You have to implement the Defense Production Act, empower a supply commander, create, you know, a Defense Production Act for banks for small business loans, you got to faster than slower, and we started off awfully slow.

He indicated that I complimented him on dealing with China. Well, you know, 45 nations had already moved to keep — to block China personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved. It’s about pace. It’s about —it’s about the urgency, and I don’t think there’s been enough of it.


Steve Guest tweeted:

Joe Biden lives in a alternate reality.

Over 2 months ago, when Trump announced travel restrictions with China, Joe Biden was criticizing Trump for “xenophobia.”

Today, Biden criticized Trump for the speed he enacted the travel ban.

Biden didn’t support the ban until April 3.

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