WATCH: Biden Says Trump “Does Not Want To Face Me Because I Will Beat Him”

Appearing on TODAY with Savannah Guthrie, 2020 Democratic party frontrunner Joe Biden called it “ridiculous” for Bernie Sanders to credit “the establishment” for Biden’s victories.

Biden claimed from the beginning President Trump has not wanted to face him “because I will beat him.”

Biden also claimed Trump “risked his presidency” because he didn’t want to face him, referring to the request to the Ukraine Prime Minster to investigate the Bidens which set off the impeachment firestorm.


President Trump expressed surprise during a Town Hall with Biden’s Super Tuesday sucesss.

“I’ll tell you, I was all set for Bernie because I thought it was going to happen,” Trump said “So mentally, I’m all set for Bernie. Communist — I had everything down. He’s a communist. I was all set. Then we have this crazy thing that happened, right, on Tuesday, which he thought was Thursday.”