WATCH: Biden says his detention center for migrant children is “much different” than the Trump admin

Speaking to Univision Friday, President Biden reacted to questions about his detention center for migrant children in Texas by saying what he’s doing is “much different” than what the Trump admin did.

“Right now, there’s thousands of immigrants, thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border,” Biden said. “We’ve been able to place a significant number of them in licensed facilities throughout the country — shelters throughout the country. But what happened is, in Texas, they opened up one, one that was a former one used in the administration — the last administration.”

“Our hope and expectation is that won’t stay open very long, and that we’ll be able to provide for every kid who comes across the border safely to be housed in a facility that is licensed,” he continued “and what we’re trying to do, and we have literally hundreds of people doing it now, connect them with families in this country, get them to the families that they came to see or they are looking for, and we’ve already connected thousands of them that way. And so, that’s what… that’s our hope, is to unite these children with families while they wait to have a hearing.”