WATCH: Biden Messes Up By Saying He’ll Make America “Straight” Again

2020 hopeful Joe Biden had a strange “kick off ” day for his campaign.

Just hours after his announcement, he made a gaffe, by using President Trump’s slogan, of “making America great,” but Biden took it a step further, and claimed he’d make America “straight” again.

Biden is well-known for making an endless stream of gaffes.

Oregon Live reported that Biden likely will be a formidable candidate, he does have significant weaknesses. The former senator from Delaware has been in public life for more than 40 years — and he’s a human being — so there are plenty of gaffes and ignominies that opposition researchers can pick over. Which means that no matter how impressive his policy positions might end up being, no matter how charming and inspiring and tough he proves to be on the hustings, these past shortcoming are going to come up — and keep coming up. That’s politics. Biden and his staff know this and no doubt are preparing their responses.

As far back as 2015, CNN was reporting on his gaffes and the strange way he “holds” women.

Watch the video:

But it’s his latest gaffe that has people talking.

American Mirror reported that the Biden Gaffe Express has left the station.

Fresh off announcing a campaign for president, Joe Biden visited a Delaware pizza shop, and seemed irritated by the media waiting for him outside.

Hit with a question as soon as he exited, Biden responded, “We’re gonna have plenty of time to talk about this.”

When asked if he had “a message for the rest of the world,” he said, “Yes. America is comin’ back like we used to be — ethical, straight, tellin’ the truth.”

Trump was attacked over his “Make America Great Again” slogan, as the left claimed the intention was to take America back to the dark days of prejudice and oppression.

Biden has made countless gaffes and awkward blunders throughout his career and they will likely only continue during his campaign.

Watch the video: