WATCH: Biden Falsely Says “Over 600k dead” in U.S. from Coronavirus, Claims “I misspoke” after being confronted

While appearing on MSNBC, former VP Joe Biden falsely claims there were over 600k dead in the U.S. from Coronavirus. After being confronted that the number if closer to 60k, Biden looked confused for a moment then said “I misspoke.”

Joe Biden:

Over 600,000 dead. Many are workers, nurses, doctors, because they have put themselves in a position to save other people’s lives and protect the rest of society. We talk about that number, 600-plus thousand people… 60? 60-thousand, I misspoke.

Here are some of the replies on Twitter:

“Truly biden not a numbers guy when you make mistakes like this on numbers definitely numbers mean nothing to him or else he wouldn’t of said 600,000 dead.”

“oh good lord”

“@joebiden YOU have NO idea what you are talking about!!!”