WATCH: Biden DHS Secretary blames Trump admin for current border crisis

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed the Trump admin for the current border crisis.

Mayorkas acknowledged that the border facilities are “no place for a child.”

He added “What we are doing is addressing the humanitarian needs of those children in a way that reflects our values and our principles as a country.”

More than 15k migrant children remain in U.S. custoday.

Mayorkas told CNN hose Dana Bash “Dana, we will not abandon our values and our principles, we will not abandon the needs of vulnerable children. That is what this is all about and it is difficult because the entire system was dismantled by the prior administration. There was a system in place in both Republican and Democratic administrations, that was torn down during the Trump administration, and that is why the challenge is more acute than it ever has been before”

“We are rebuilding the orderly systems that the Trump administration tore down to avoid the need for these children to actually take the perilous journey,” he added.