WATCH: Biden Calls “H1N1” Virus “N1H1” then Calls Ebola “What Happened in Africa”

During Sunday’s debate, likely Democratic party nominee Joe Biden could not remember the name of viruses.

Biden mixed up “H1N1” with “N1H1” and couldn’t remember the name of the “Ebola virus” at all, calling it “what happened in Africa.”

Joe Biden:

We’re in a situation where we have to now be providing for the hospitals that are going to be needed. Needed now. The present system can cannot handle the surge that is likely to come. So we should already be sitting down and planning where we’re going to put these temporary hospitals. And we can do that.

We have been through this before with the coronavirus. We have — excuse me with dealing with the viruses — the N1H1 and as well as what happened in Africa. We provided these hospitals dealing with these great pandemics and we were able to do it quickly. People would have a place to go. But we need equipment to protect the first responders, and that’s not being done either.


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