WATCH: Biden blames Steyer for drop in South Carolina African American support

Appearing on Face the Nation this morning, Joe Biden blamed billionaire Tom Steyer and his barrage of South Carolina ads for his drop in African American support in the critical state.

Per CBS, the contest in South Carolina looks very different heading into its final week than it did last fall. Joe Biden (28%) has only a single-digit lead with Bernie Sanders (23%) now right behind him.

The race has narrowed considerably since the fall, when Biden led the field by a whopping 28 points.

Support for the former vice president has fallen by double-digits as Sanders and businessman Tom Steyer have made gains. Steyer is at 18%.

This poll was finished before Sanders coasted to a win in the Nevada caucuses Saturday night — though most South Carolina voters told us the Nevada results would not impact them.

“What’s happening is you have Steyer spending millions of dollars out campaigning there” Biden told CBS’ Margaret Brennan “,so I think a lot’s happening in terms of the amount of money being spent by billionaires to try to cut into the African American vote.”

Biden said he still believes he will win South Carolina.


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