WATCH: Biden Admits USMCA is Better than NAFTA But Refuses to Give Trump Credit for It

Appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, Joe Biden admitted the USMCA deal that Trump signed into law is better than NAFTA but refused to give President Trump credit for it.

Tapper asked Biden “He renegotiated NAFTA. When you ran for president and Barack Obama ran for president you both said you would renegotiate NAFTA. Nancy Pelosi said the USMCA, which President Trump signed into law is a, quote, a victory for America’s workers. Does he deserve credit for that?”

Biden replied “No, I think. Remember, he wasn’t the one that pushed that particular one that passed. The House amended the bill, amended the bill. It’s a big deal.”

Tapper then said “He signed it.”

Biden replied “They amended it. He was giving pharma a way out, a gigantic break the way he’s doing now with pharma. They are building overseas and getting tax breaks for it. That’s what it was about with him. They said we’re not going to do that.”

Tapper again reiterated “He renegotiated NAFTA and you didn’t is the point.”

Biden still refused to give Trump credit, saying “Because we had a Republican Congress that wouldn’t go along with us renegotiating.”

Tapper asked one more time “Doesn’t he deserve some credit for that? It’s better, USMCA is better than NAFTA.”

Biden replied “It is better than NAFTA. But look at what the overall trade policy has been, even with NAFTA? We now have this gigantic deficit in trade with Mexico. Not because NAFTA wasn’t made better, because overall trade policy and how he deals with it made everything worse.”