WATCH: Bernie Warns if He Wins Most Dem Votes But Loses Nomination, Dems Will Lose to Trump

Appearing on “This Week,” 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders warned that if he wins the popular vote and most delegates headed into the DNC convention but does not get the nomination the Democratic party will not have the “energy and excitement” and the “grassroots movement” to defeat Trump.

Bernie Sanders:

But I want you to think about it for a moment. If we go into Milwaukee, into the Democratic Convention with a lead, having won many, many states, having won the people’s vote, and that is reversed at the convention, how do you think people all over this country are going to feel?

Do you think, really, that will give us the unity? You talked about unity. We need unity.

If you reject the candidate who has the most votes from the people, and you win it through superdelegates and the Democratic establishment and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, do you think you’re going to have the energy and the excitement and the grassroots movement to defeat Donald Trump?

I honestly don’t think you will.


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