WATCH: Bernie Supports Abortion Up Until The Moment The Baby is Born

During a Fox News town hall, 2020 hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders said he supports abortion right up until the moment of birth.

USA Today reported that there was a health care surprise in a Fox News setting

Sanders also got traction — and dealt his Fox hosts a surprise — on health care. Baier asked the audience, which he said was politically diverse, if they would be willing to give up their private insurance for government health care. Lots of hands went up, and the room erupted in cheers. That probably wasn’t what Baier figured would happen.

Sanders pressed his advantage, asking a member of the audience why anyone should be satisfied with the U.S. spending so much more per capita on health care than other advanced nations — yet getting so little in return. “Thirty million people have zero health insurance,” he pointed out. He forgot to mention that Republicans have spent a decade whining about Obamacare, while failing to come up with anything better. Republicans even controlled the House, Senate and White House between 2017 and 2019, a golden opportunity, but did nothing. Anyone who thinks they’ll come up with something in 2021, as Trump now vows, well, keep sipping that orange Kool-Aid.

The reaction was more predictable when Sanders refused to condemn abortions that occur right up to the moment of birth. He said they’re rare (which really isn’t the point), and should be between “a woman and her physician, and not the government.” For that he got a few jeers.

Watch the video: