WATCH: Bernie Field Organizer Says He Wants to Drag Pundits By Hair, Light Them on Fire

In a new stunning undercover video by Project Veritas, Bernie Field Organizer Kyle Jurek discusses his radical views.

Within the video are shocking threats of violence.

In one segment, Jurek says he would like to “throw down” with media pundits, drag them by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.

It is truly disgraceful.


In this clip Jurek appears to talk about Martyrdom and more violence over Bernie.

Here, Jurek clearly advocates violence once again.


So if Trump gets reelected then what?

Kyle Jurek:

F**king Cities Burn


Do what you have to do.

Kyle Jurek:

Yeah, I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f**cking human civilization.

And obviously, Trump don’t give two f**ks about making sure the world doesn’t burn.

Watch the Project Veritas Video Here:

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