WATCH: Ben Carson Fires Back at Rude Dem Rep. Over HUD Budget

On Tuesday, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson defended himself against House Democrats, who condemned his recent push to focus on public housing for American citizens, rather than migrants.

Ranting emotionally in broken English, Democrat Rep. Nydia Velazquez called Carson and the Trump administration’s housing policies “shameful” and “immoral.”

After facing the wrath of several Democrats, one Republican yielded his time to Carson, who quickly went to work refuting Velazquez’s remarks, imploring Democrats to “think logically, rather than emotionally.”

Closing his comments, Dr. Carson noted that America’s housing crisis can be solved, “If we work together, rather than making everything into a political platform and trying to score points.”

Conservatives agreed, and flocked to social media to praise Dr. Carson for standing up for not only himself, but American citizens.

Others denounced Rep. Velazquez, with many questioning who, exactly, the Democrat lawmaker is representing.