WATCH: Behar accuses Trump of “negligent homicide” claims he gave supporters a “signal to go after Pence”

Discussing the Senate impeachment trial, co-host of “The View” Joy Behar accused former President Trump of “negligent homicide” and claimed he gave supporters a “signal to go after Pence”

Behar said “One of the arguments they’re giving on the Trump side of it is that he can’t be held responsible just for the basis of inflammatory speech. The original permit of the event on the ellipse was not to authorize a march on the Capitol. It was not authorized.”

“According to what we heard yesterday, it wasn’t until Trump and his team directly involved in the event’s planning that the march came into the picture,” she continued “They signed the permit to allow the mob to go on the Capitol, okay? That is not a free speech issue. That is action. That is actionable. He signed the permit that said ‘go ahead.’”

Behar then accused Trump of giving his supporters a “signal to go after Pence.”

Behar then made the case Trump had committed “negligent homicide.” She argued “a cop was killed. Many were injured. Between the Pence act and the mob of the period of time between the assault on the Capitol and when Trump decides to talk and tell them calm down, that is negligent homicide.””