WATCH: Barr Shuts Down Klobuchar at Hearing, Says “That is NOT Obstruction”

On Wednesday, speaking before Senators regarding the results of the Mueller report, US Attorney General Bill Barr refuted Democrats’ repeated efforts to imply criminal conduct on the part of President Trump, despite the report’s vindication of allegations.

When pressed by Democrat Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar, who attempted to imply that Trump’s alleged praise of former campaign member Paul Manafort amounted to obstruction, Barr did not waver.

Echoing her Democrat colleagues’ attempts to cast doubt upon the report, the Senator pointed out that Trump praised Manafort, who was convicted after being charged for unrelated crimes stemming from the Mueller probe.

“Yes,” Barr said, replying to Klobuchar, “And that is not obstruction.”