WATCH: AZ Sheriff blasts Biden over immigration actions, says “why we need a secure border is just common sense”

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” Arizona Cochise County Sheriff Mark  Dannels blasted Biden’s immigration policies including halting border wall construction and ordering a halt to deportation for 100 days with few exceptions.

“It’s troublesome. It’s hasty,” Dannels said “We’ve worked so well over the last few years, and why we need a secure border is just common sense, and I can articulate that to you.”

“People ask, ‘Well, why do we need a secure border?” Dannels asked.

“This political theater that’s being played out is scary to all of us on the southwest border, sheriffs, police departments, and our federal partners, and every American should be standing up on this,” he continued.

“Police chiefs and sheriffs are experts of communities. Our federal government is supposed to be experts of national security and border security. Together, that’s a recipe of success for every American, and what I’m seeing now is we’re going to go back in time and play this political theater at the backs and the risks of every American,” he concluded.