WATCH: AZ Senator McSally Stands with Israel, Blasts Omar and Tlaib

Thursday, The Israeli government made a last-minute decision to ban the progressive ‘Squad’ members from entering Israel ahead of their scheduled visit on Friday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained his rationale in a series of tweets.


Appearing on Fox News, Arizona Senator Martha McSally blasted lawmakers Omar and Tlaib for pushing what she called “dangerous” ideas about Israel.

“Their actions and their words have been dangerous and their anti-Semitism, their support to the BDS movement — I mean they personally led an effort to ensure the House of Representatives couldn’t pass a bill to condemn anti-Semitism,” McSally told guest host Charles Payne on “Your World.”

“This is the wrong direction,” McSally added. “We need to stand closely with Israel and not allow their dangerous ideas to be fueling any of the rhetoric that is against the Jewish people against Israel and supporting the economic BDS [Boycott, Divest, Sanction] movement and others.”


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