WATCH: Ayanna Pressley calls for “a federal job guarantee” says it “lays the foundation for economic justice & freedom”

Monday, Rep. Ayanna Pressley called for a federal job guarantee.

Pressley shared a video of herself and tweeted “A reliable job. A living wage. A federal job guarantee lays the foundation for economic justice & freedom.”

She added in a follow-up tweet “A job guarantee is about more than giving folks jobs. It’s about developing programs that meet long neglected needs in our community.”

One Twitter user was not a huge fan of the idea and wanted universal basic income instead.

She tweeted:

What about those who can’t work? What about stay at home parents? What about caretakers of the elderly & infirm?
What about automation?

#UniversalBasicIncome doesn’t leave anyone behind & doesn’t chain us to a life of labor & toil

Another Twitter user fired back at Pressley:

Federal Job Guarantee: Doesn’t hit the ear right.

Nothing is guaranteed.