WATCH: Asked about race is the U.S., Susan Rice says “our system is still not fair” and “we do not have equal outcomes”

Appearing on CNN, Susan Rice was asked by Don Lemon “You know, the president has said, Ambassador, that George Floyd’s murder changed the dynamics of race in the U.S. What’s changed?”

Rice replied “Well, I think a lot of things have changed. Obviously, we don’t have this legislation yet, but I think in many parts of our country from people of all ages of all races and all background, there’s a much greater awareness that in some fundamental ways our system is still not fair.”

“We do not have equal outcomes,” she continued, “whether we’re talking about in the realm of criminal justice or in terms of economic justice, in terms of voting rights, civil rights, and we’ve seen that played out time and again.”

“But the fact that we have greater awareness, we have greater commitment to trying to embrace policies and approaches that recognize that we are all individuals of equal worth and all have dignity and we deserve each of us an opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential,” she added.