WATCH: Armed Chicago Security Guard Turns The Tables on Vicious Attackers

A shocking video was filmed in Chicago on Saturday, with 2 men beating a middle-aged security guard outside a McDonald’s.

Breitbart reported that in the shocking clip, filmed in Chicago on Saturday, two men can be seen beating the middle-aged employee outside the fast food chain. As the pair smash his head against a wall, one of them appears to aim a can of pepper spray at him before he breaks free. Stunned witnesses, who are filming the footage from inside the restaurant, can be heard screaming ‘no’ as the guard points his gun towards his attackers. Police told CBS Chicago they had no record of the incident as nobody called 911.

CBS Chicago reports that the guard’s pepper spray fell to the ground during the altercation, and one of the suspects allegedly picked it up and was pointing it at the guard. It was at that point that the guard pulled his gun and changed the situation.

Police have been called to the McDonald’s where this attack occurred “35 times in the past 30 days … [for] 23 disturbances, nine batteries, and three assaults.”

Watch the video: