WATCH: Ari Fleischer questions what VP Harris has actually accomplished “She’s a big mystery in charge of a lot”

Appearing on Fox News former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer questioned what Kamala Harris has actually accomplished after being tapped to lead on multiple key Biden administration projects.

“What isn’t she supposed to be doing?” Fleischer asked.

“Kamala Harris is in many ways a mystery to the American people,” he continued. “We really got exposed to her during the presidential primary when she flopped. She didn’t appear to be a serious candidate. If you remember, she was asked about her universal healthcare, expanding Medicare for all Americans and they asked her would you abolish private insurance and she said, ‘Yeah, sure, get rid of it.’ It was as if she didn’t think about the implications of the issues or the answers and then she became the vice president.”

“We really don’t know what she is capable of,” headded “She won’t hold a news conference. She doesn’t take a lot of questions from reporters. She’s a big mystery in charge of a lot.”