WATCH: April Ryan predicts Trump will have to be removed by armed forces if he loses to Biden

The Grio reports CNN reporter April Ryan thinks that if President Donald Trump loses the upcoming presidential election, he will have to be removed from the Oval Office by the police and armed forces.

After the POTUS refused to give a straight answer about accepting a Democratic win on November 3, many have questioned if a peaceful transition of power is possible.

During a Sunday appearance on CNN Newsroom with host Ana Cabrera, Cabrera asked Ryan and another guest Bill Kristol about the president downplaying mail-in ballots and wanting the midterm elections to be delayed, Mediate reported.

Ryan called Trump a hypocrite because he actually used a mail-in ballot to cast a vote on himself. She believes that he is trying to cast doubt that would lead to voter suppression.

“There’s going to be a split-screen Jan. 20, 2021,” Ryan said. “If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th President of the United States, it will be him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Trump out of the White House.”

“I cannot wait for that split-screen,” Ryan said.