WATCH: April Ryan IRATE Over Trump Comments, Warns Her “Reporter Hat is Off”

CNN’s April Ryan emotionally reacted to President Donald Trump’s attack on Baltimore, and took particular issue at his use of the word “infestation.”

Ryan also warned “The reporter hat [is] off, because this is ridiculous… There are awful references that this President is making, and it needs to stop.”


Ryan later tweeted.

Some responded to Ryan, defending Trump.

Wow, as a reporter you really don’t understand basic civics. Responsibility of action belongs to local & state government. Not @POTUS‘ job to fix this decades-long problem, unless you think he should send in the Natl. Guard. POTUS is simply pointing out the dire need for action.

Dear Ms. CNN: you and other correspondents like you are why I get my news directly from President Trump on Twitter.

Its hilarious… CNN reported 2 months ago about the mayor of Baltimore resigning over corruption charges…