WATCH: AOC “Thousands of people are dying every day, and we’re talking about going back”

Appearing on the Rachel Maddow show, progressive lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the argument that people are dying while Congress is failing on their responsibilities:


This small bill, while something may be better than nothing — it is happening in the context of Congress having gone on recess for a month.

We are going to pass a small-potatoes bill, and then we are talking about recessing again until May 4. And if we are going to bring every member or call back almost every member who can back to D.C. to pass a small incremental bill with the knowledge that we are not coming back until next month again, that’s two rent checks.

And the last time we left, again, we lost over one 9/11’s worth of people due to this lack of action. And so we really need to acknowledge that this small bill — again, while something is better than nothing, and frankly, Democrats fought very, very hard to get basic things like testing. Republicans didn’t want to fund hospitals.  They didn’t want to fund mass testing, which is what is going to allow us to reopen the economy.

I appreciate the stride that they made in that but ultimately in voting on the text of this bill knowing that we are abdicating our responsibility. We haven’t legislated for a month, and thousands of people are dying. Thousands of people are dying every day, and we’re talking about going back.


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