WATCH: AOC says she feared being raped during the Capitol Riot “I didn’t think I was just going to be killed”

Progressive Democrat AOC told CNN she was afraid to be raped during the January 6th Capitol riot.

“I didn’t think that I was just going to be killed,” AOC told Dana Bash.

AOC said “one of the reasons why that impact was so double that day is because of the misogyny and the racism that is so deeply rooted and animated the attack on the Capitol”

“White supremacy and patriarchy are very linked in a lot of ways,” she continued. “There’s a lot of sexualizing of that violence, and I didn’t think that I was just going to be killed. I thought other things were going to happen to me as well.”

Bash replied: “So it sounds like what you’re telling me right now is that you didn’t only think that you were going to die – you thought you were going to be raped.”

“Yeah,” AOC replied. “Yeah, I thought I was.”