WATCH: AOC Clashes with Trump Supporter, Her Staff CUTS HIS MIC Off

A wild exchange occurred between freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Coretz and a Trump supporter named James Scott Berry, at a recent town hall event.

The heated exchange was over President Trump’s Twitter response to Ilhan Omar’s callous comments about 9-11.

Watch the video:

100 Percent Fed Up reported that Ocasio-Cortez was holding a town hall when a man questioned the socialist’s “fascist” perspective on free speech and was promptly cut off from speaking. The irony is pretty rich here…

James Scott Berry came up to speak and asked two questions. The first question was about violence against teachers in school but the second question got the most attention. He asked about free speech and how great it is that we have the right to disagree:

“In America, you can hate Donald Trump, and because it is not against the law he cannot put you in prison. Isn’t that a great thing?”

Ocasio-Cortez came back lecturing Berry and claiming we have “limitations on our freedom of speech”:

“I think that at the bedrock of what you are discussing is freedom of speech and the freedom of expression. I think that we have the freedom to express ourselves, but we should also know that in the United States there are also limitations on our freedom of speech.”

Berry wasn’t giving up and shot back:

“No, only if it involves violence or threats, things that are illegal.”

Ocasio-Cortez agreed but then Berry claimed it’s not free speech. That’s when his mic went dead! (around 5:00 in the video.)

Eventually, his mic was re-activated after he protested and a wild exchange ensues.